KSE: Knowledge, Strategy, Execution

Knowledge: Learn from those who are succeeding where you want to be. Make them your mentor, either in person or by example.  Knowledge alone will not get you anywhere but is the first step to create a great strategy. Strategy: Use your acquired knowledge to develop a solid strategy.  Think deeply on the knowledge found.  A strategy is not a plan; plans are step by step actions that do not account for outside factors and deterrents.  A strategy is a multi-faceted plan designed by knowledge to anticipate and react to any obstacles that may come along. Execution: Once a strategy … Continue reading KSE: Knowledge, Strategy, Execution

Oral IV: How to use it

Oral I.V. is a hydration aid product that enhances your body’s ability to process water. It is a formulation of highly charged structured water and crystalloid electrolytes. It is NOT a fluid replacement product. In essence, Oral I.V. enhances your body’s hydration process which improves your efficiency and uptake of water. For racers, this means you’ll be more efficient and utilize the body’s water more effectively which in turn improves performance. Now, how should you integrate Oral I.V. into your preparation for the Spartan Super? We recommend taking one 13.8 mL vial of Oral I.V. every morning and every night … Continue reading Oral IV: How to use it

華山 Mt. Huashan

Originally posted on CkTravel Blography:
Here we are, 2,160 meters up on the tallest of five peaks of Mt. Huashan in the Shaanxi Province of China, South Peak. The layout of the upper mountain makes it easy to summit all five peaks within about an hours worth of time if you have some spring to your step. The mountain is basically surrounded entirely by sheer cliffs accessed by a couple of narrow, often sketchy trails that would excite any lawyer in the states within a 500-mile radius. Taoist temples are sprinkled about this massive, flower-shaped spire of rock, lined with… Continue reading 華山 Mt. Huashan